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Peter Oei published the following books on mushroom technology:

Mushroom cultivation appropriate technology for mushroom growers, 2003 third edition, 429 pp, Backhuys Publishers, last copies available from, 

Mushroom Cultivation, with special emphasis on appropoate techniques for developing countries, 274 pp, 1996, TOOL Amsterdam (sold out)

Manual on Mushroom cultivation, Techniques, species and opportunities for commercial applications in developing countries, 249 pp, 1991, TOOL Amsterdam (sold out)

La Culture des Champignons, 1991, 260 pp,  TOOL Amsterdam (sold out)

Onderzoek naar de Harde Populierboleet Leccinum duriusculum (in Dutch)

In cooperation with Agromisa: (PDF files of the publications on the website

Agrodok 40
La culture des champignons à petite échelle
pleurotes, shiitakes et auriculaires (en Francais)

Agrodok 40
Bustani za uyoga kwa wakulima wadogo vijijini
uyoga aina ya oyster, shiitake na wood-ear (in Swahili)

Agrodok 40
Small-scale mushroom cultivation
oyster, shiitake and wood ear mushrooms (in English)

Agrodok 41
Small-scale mushroom cultivation - 2
Agaricus and Volvariella (in English)